The European Commission issued the final version of the Single-use Plastics (SUP) Directive,which bans all oxidatively degradable plastics, effective July 3, 2021

On 31 May 2021, the European Commission published the final version of Single-Use Plastics  (SUP) Directive, banning all oxidized degradable plastics, with effect from 3 July 2021. In particular, the Directive explicitly prohibits all oxidized plastic products, whether they are single-use or not, and treats both biodegradable and non-biodegradable oxidized plastics equally.

According to SUP Directive, Biodegradable/bio-based plastics are also considered to be plastic. Currently, there are no widely agreed technical standards available to certify that a specific plastic product is properly biodegradable in the marine environment in a short timeframe and without causing harm to the environment. For environmental protection, “degradable” is in urgent need of real implementation. Plastic free, recyclable and green packaging is an inevitable trend for various industries in the future.

Far East & GeoTegrity group has focused exclusively on manufacturing sustainable disposable food service and food packaging products since 1992. The products meet BPI, OK Compost, FDA and SGS standard, and can be completely degraded into organic fertilizer after use, which is environmentally friendly and healthy. As a pioneer sustainable food packaging manufacturer, we have over 20 years experience exporting to diverse markets across six different continents. Our mission is to be a promoter of a healthier lifestyle and do a virtuous career for a greener world.

Post time: Jul-19-2021