Why Choose Us

Pioneer in Biodegradable Pulp Molded Tableware Machinery Industry

1. Far East & Geotegrity is the first manufacturer of plant fiber molded tableware machinery in China since 1992. With 30-year experience in plant pulp molded tableware equipment R&D and manufacturing, Far East is the premier in this field.

We are also an integrated manufacturer who not only focuses on pulp molded tableware technology R&D and machine manufacturing, but also a professional OEM manufacturer in pulp molded tableware, now we are running 200 machines in house and exporting 250-300 containers per month to over 70 countries across 6 continents.


2. Far East & Geotegrity has both energy saving semi-automatic machines as well as energy saving free trimming free punching automatic machines in category, we offer oil heating and electric heating for customer’s option.

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3. Far East & Geotegrity obtains more than 95 patented technologies including energy saving oil heating technology as well as free trimming free punching technology which helps to save 15% production cost. The machines are UL and CE certified. Our machine performance assurance is : 50% energy saving, more than 95% finished product rate, more than 15-year service life for machine and mold


4. Far East & Geotegrity offer all-round one-stop service, including 1-year machine warranty, workshop engineering design, 3D PID design, on-site training in seller’ factory, machine installation instruction and successful commissioning in buyer’s factory, finished product marketing guidance and so on.

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