Our Certification And Honor

Far East has obtained CE certificate, UL certificate, more than 95 patents and 8 new high-tech product awards

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China High Tech Enterprise

Invited by Chinese Government to draft the "Disposable Degradable Catering Appliances" industry standards

Appointed as the National designated production enterprise in China for degradable fast food packaging production equipment

Won the "Top 50 Chinese Paper Packaging Companies" prize

Won the "Top 100 Chinese Packaging Companies" prize

Far East Pulp Molded Equipment Is Awarded as The first major technical equipment in Fujian Province

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International Gold Award


Appointed as the sole supplier of Paper Pulp Environment Protection Tableware for 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Won the Gold Award of International Invention Fair for 8 year

Won the Gold Award of the fifth India International Invention Technology and Innovation Competition in 2018

Won the Gold Award of the Third Istanbul International Inventions Fair in 2018

Won the Special Award of the Silicon Valley Invention Exhibition in 2018

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