Reasons For Choosing To Use Bagasse Coffee Cups And Coffee Cup Lids.

This article will discuss why to use bagasse cups;

1. Help the environment.

Be a responsible business owner and do everything you can to help the environment. All products we supply are made from agricultural straw as raw material including bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, reed pulp, wheat straw pulp, palm tree pomace pulp and other annual plant fiber. Wood pulp can also be used as the raw material for production..

 3.Raw Material Pulping2

2. bagasse coffee cup lids are cheaper than you think

Many of our customers are initially reluctant to use eco-friendly bagasse coffee cup lids because they think the cost is too high. At Geotegrity, we offer a large selection of cost-effective options at competitive prices. We’ll work with you to provide a solution that’s right for your business.

 sugarcane bagasse pulp cups

3. Your customers will love that you help reduce their carbon footprint

 Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative impact plastic and other materials have on our planet. The media is bombarding consumers with strong evidence that plastic is clogging up rivers and oceans.

 sugarcane bagasse cups with lids

4. bagasse coffee cup lids are ahead of the game

 It’s no secret that the government is working on plans to ensure we eliminate plastic from packaging. Take action now and your company will be ahead. This will give you more time to ensure you make the right, informed decisions for your business.

Far East·Geotegrity developed automatic trimming robot can be accurately equipped with SD-P09 energy-saving production equipment. The robot computer program system can be compatible with the main machine’s computer program system. This is to ensure that the function and movement of the main machine, robot and trimming machine are coordinated, the production is safe, the product quality is guaranteed and the qualification rate reaches 99%, the daily output is 100,000 pieces coffee cups and 120,000 pieces coffee cup lids.

 Robot Aim-1

5. Quality

Our bagasse coffee cup lids are certified food safety, and compostable, and have also obtained certificates such as SOP, ISO, BRC, BSCI and NSF certified for factory and BPI, OK COMPOSTABLE, FDA, REACH and HOME COMPOSTABLE certified for products. And the best price, fast delivery.


Post time: Nov-04-2022