No Disposable Plastic Products! It’s Announced Here.

In order to protect the environment and reduce plastic pollution, the Indian government recently announced that it will completely ban the manufacturing, storage, import, sale and use of disposable plastic products from July 1, while opening a reporting platform to facilitate supervision.


It is known that India produces about 3.5 million tons of plastic waste every year.


Where is the way out for plastic pollution?



Far East & Geotegrity Pulp environmental protection tableware has won high praise in the market for its distinctive characteristics and environmental protection style of wide range of raw materials, easy degradation, recyclability and regeneration, which makes it stand out among all kinds of plastic material substitutes. The products can be fully degraded in natural state within 90 days, and can also be used for household and industrial composting. The main components after degradation are water and carbon dioxide, which will not produce garbage residue and pollution.


Far East & Geotegrity environmental protection food packaging (tableware) products use agricultural straw, rice and wheat straw, sugarcane and reed as raw materials to realize pollution-free and energy-saving production and recycling of clean energy. Far East & Geotegrity has passed the international 9000 certification and 14000 environmental protection certification. It has passed the international inspection and testing of FDA, UL, CE, SGS of US and UL, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan, What’s more, Far East & Geotegrity also has reached the international standard of hygiene for food packaging, and has been awarded the honorary title of ”Fujian’s first single champion product in manufacturing industry”.


Plastic pollution, a global threat, is posing a major threat to human health in the form of microplastics and toxic chemicals. Far East & Geotegrity has the courage to undertake corporate social responsibility, adhere to scientific and technological innovation and promote the cause of green tableware! To leave a clean and beautiful world to future generations, . Far East & Geotegrity will continue to walk side by side and cooperate with people of insight in the industry with ambition and action, actively tackle plastic pollution and make unremitting efforts to promote sustainable human development and build a community of human and natural life.


Post time: Jul-01-2022