Far East New Robot Arm Technology Greatly Increases Production Capacity

Far East & Geotegrity focuses on technology R&D and innovation, continuously improving production processes, introducing new production technologies, and increasing the production capacity of disposable pulp molding equipment.

Far East fiber pulp molded tableware equipment can produce a variety of different products for food service, including plates, bowls, boxes, trays, cups and lids. In the past, automatic machines required manual trimming to produce deep-cavity cups and lids which greatly affected production efficiency. In April 2020, Far East introduced new robotic arm technology. The automatic robot works with our SD-P09 fully automatic pulp molded tableware machine to do edge cutting for pulp molded cup and pulp molded lid automatically. With this technology, the production capacity can be greatly increased. It can make 100,000 8oz cups per day, and the output can reach 850 kg/day.

Far East & Geotegrity will continue to work hard to meet the different needs of customers with superb craftsmanship and continuous innovation.


Post time: Dec-25-2020