Far east gitley Pulp environmental protection tableware equipment is exported to the United States, leading the international market

With the continuous promotion of the laws and regulations related to the global plastic ban, the demand for pulp tableware is increasing year by year in all countries, and the industry has a good development prospect and a strong market demand.The energy saving, free trimming and punch free pulp tableware production equipment independently developed by Far East& Geotegrity has passed the international authoritative UL certification system, obtained international orders, and shipped to the port began to be exported to the United States, which receive customers’ praise, leading the international market.



The pulp environment-friendly food packaging tableware produced by this equipment is vacuum dehydrated to form the semifinished, transferred by the built-in manipulator and dried by hot pressing. The two processes are completed, and the finished products are directly produced without trimming and punching. One employee can operate 2-3 sets of equipment, which can reduce the operation labor of trimming products by 2 / 3 compared with semi-automatic equipment. This kind of full-automatic equipment without trimming and punching can reduce the equipment investment of robot and trimming machine, save the power consumption of robot and trimming machine, reduce the operation labor by 65%, eliminate the artificial industrial accidents caused by trimming, reduce the production cost by 15% compared with semi-automatic equipment trimming products, and realize cost saving, quality improvement and efficiency increase.


In August 2021, the production equipment of energy-saving, edge-free and punching free pulp tableware ordered by American customers in Far East&Geotegrity company has been completed, and is being packed and ready for shipment after passing a series of strict exit testing process by the quality inspection department of the enterprise.

It is reported that far East environmental protection equipment has free trimming, free punching buckle full automation patent technology equipment, the equipment is the only one in the country can more than 160 sets of trimming , free punching buckle full automation patent equipment.Its pulp molded tableware products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions, and it has high technology and scale advantage in pulp molded environment-friendly food packaging and tableware packaging industry.

In the future, the Far east & Geotegrity company with science and technology as the forerunner, take the quality as the guarantee, take the market as the demand, cooperation with the domestic key scientific research units, create advanced technology, broad prospects, demand of paper pulp molding equipment and products, in line with “customer first, courteous service, collaborative development, enterprising” concept, domestic and foreign customers to provide satisfactory solutions and equipment,To meet the growing demand of the pulp molding market.


Post time: Aug-25-2021