Breaking News from Far East /Geotegrity


This week, We have dispatched 40 sets of free trimming free punching fully automatic machines to ShanYing Paper Mill , who is one of the biggest paper making group in China.


In 2020, ShanYing Paper group and Far East / Geotegrity entered into a stragestic cooperation and signed contract of 100sets of free trimming free punching fully automatic pulp molded tableware machines for the new setup pulp tableware plant in SiChuan. ShanYing as one of the biggest paper making group in China has the absolute advantage of the raw material of pulp molded tableware, Far East / Geotegrity as the first manufacturer in pulp molded tableware technology R&D and machine manufacturing since 1992 and as one of the biggest pulp molded tableware production base in China, who has both technology and finished products market advantage. Both parties make full use of their advantage and aim to produce around 100tons of non wooden pulp tableware in this new plant, it will help to meet the increasing demand a lot.


Post time: Oct-04-2021