The Second Batch Of Fully Automatic Pulp Molding Tableware Equipment From Far East · Geotegrity Are Loaded And Will Ship to USA!


Far East · Geotegrity attaches great importance to overseas market expansion.

The equipment has obtained European “CE” certification, American “UL” certification. The first LD-12-1850B energy-saving fully automated free trimming, free punching pulp tableware equipment was exported to the United States in August,2021. For its intelligent, digital superior performance and leading technology, widely praised by local and oversea customers.


The pipes and valves of the automatic machine exported to the United States are all made of 304 stainless steel. The hot-pressing mold is equipped with upper and lower cooling devices to ensure that the expansion coefficient of the mold is within the design control range. The automatic machine operating program, from wet forming mold, wet forming transfer mold, heat pressing mold, products stacker, the entire production cycle and product weight, can be controlled by the PLC control system, and the touch screen can adjust the operating parameters of each process. It’s the intelligent and digital upgrade of the pulp-molded environmentally friendly tableware equipment.


The LD-12-1850B energy-saving fully automated free trimming, free punching tableware equipment, one person can operate 2-3 sets of equipment, which can reduce the operation labor by 2/3 compared with semi-automatic equipment which need trim the edge. Also can reduce the investment of robots and trimming machines, will save the power consumption, and reduce operating labor by 65%, so the production costs will be reduced by 15% compared with semi-automatic equipment.


In the future, Far East·Geotegrity will continue to expand equipment exports, encourage more companies to join the biodegradable, composable pulp molding tableware supply chain. Joint with us to create a greener world.



Post time: Nov-12-2021